• Poor photos, but looks promising. I have seen a few of this design, but they were not silver. Silver one is something new for me anyway.

    IMO same SS ring as other SS rings, nothing in particular that would stand out on this ring. Just skull added on top. Any SS member could wear one like this.

  • Sorry aber WAF ist nicht alles! da ist schon so viel originales kaputt geredet worde.

  • The 'Pirate skull' pattern or the 1st pattern was a pre war ring. Silver with black glass enamel.. It was made a short time by a German firm. Few were made before the 2nd pattern or 'Bonecrusher skull' pattern came about..That was stopped by 41 along with most SS rings.. You won't find a single SS ring advertised in the SS Newspaper either pre war or wartime.. There were laws against them being sold....

  • There are a few things you can do.

    A Law for the Protection of National Symbols

    On the 19th of May is proclaimed the law, after which it is forbidden by the

    Federal-government to use the symbols of German history, the German state and

    the National Reawakening in Germany in a public manner that will result in

    demeaning of the dignity of these symbols.

    According to the law, it follows that not only merchandise that carries the

    national symbols on jewelry or signs, but also singing and playing of certain


    The Senior Administrative Authorities of the location of production of the

    items adjudicate whether an object has been brought into commerce that is

    contrary to the regulation Such object are subject to then the

    compensation-draws lots draft. The police can also confiscate an object if in

    their judgement a violation of the prohibition has occurred.

    Complaints of the agriced parties are permitted within two weeks to the senior

    State Officials. However the complaint does not stay the actions of the police

    Authorities. The confiscation ordered by the Officials is valid until the legal

    validity of the decision. A compensation is not even then granted, if is

    finally adjudicated that no. Final

    Judgments apply to the entire national territory.

    In complex cases, the deciding authorities should hear an expert, who unifies

    artistic understanding with a sense of national responsibility.

    After Hitler came to power in 33 minutes after the wedding, jewelry was not sold by the state. There was no deal. It belonged to Hitler and his men period. Much like the stamps which Hitler received a royalty for every one made. By this time the propagagna minister said 'cheapened' the national emblem .. By mid was skull were again tolerated and military / para military rings like a small swastika on a ring or wheel etc. what allowed. I had every issue of the SS newspaper scanned and nowhere is one SS runic ring shown.

    Here is another early period article with confiscation of skull rings ..

  • sorry the translator messed up the post bad..'minuets?, Wedding?, dam.....

    Also didn't upload the period article.. Anyone wishing to see and post it here can email me.. My address is in profile..