Thema: NORGE Ring?
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alright! we have a bit of evidence the pattern was around..

But the ring shown at top,,isn't WW2 old. A really rough cast.. And I will mention again,,maybe sand cast as it has the appearance of being sand cast.. Do a search on sand cast...

Even the ring on the scabbard , old and worn,,,or appears to be so,,,has better detail than this good condition example shown at top!...

Do you own the scabbard? Is the WestWall ring with the date and bunker in silver? or is that just a silver wash on it?
I'm not going to prove anything to anyone. Rings Norge is the theme of my collection. And I expressed my opinion. ring of which metal? I see zinc.
Suche Ringe NORGE (Norwegen). Angebote bitte per PN.
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